Aug 24, 2011

Almost renewed vim

I have been using Acme for many years and almost forgot how complex
the program editors could be. But last several months I have been
digging into headless embedded system, where only Vim is accessible
from serial line (ssh included). I used to be a man full of Vim, but
that days are long gone. Now I am a simple man who is contented with
simple things. So I cannot believe I have spent a whole week reading
'A Byte of Vim' while forcing myself using it for all my code works on
Windows/Linux/Macs, only because Plan9port stopped working after
upgrading to Mac OS X Lion. No. It is a mistake learnt the hard way.
Vim is gone away from me that no force can renew it back. Give up. I'm
a happy Acmer again, even that means I need to run Virtualbox ubuntu
on top of Lion, install Plan9port in order to get back my dear Acme.
Yes. Ubuntu is configured to log on directly into 'Recovery console',
where .profile runs rio & acme & google-chrome &, and xshove the
latter two to full screen, which I am used to alt-tab swapping them.